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Share your comments, memories and pictures of Pamber Heath or simply ask a local history question. I will do my best to answer you quickly. Click/touch to E-mail me and attach a picture if you have one. E-mail address will be published unless you ask me not to.


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Apr 17, 2014 Hello Raymond, We are in the process of buying a house in Pamber Heath, it's called 'Littlefold House', it's just as you enter Pamber Heath from Silchester, on the. Silchester Road, next to Impstone Road. We believe it was built late 1890's & would absolutely love to learn of its history. Can you enlighten us please? Kind regards, Angela & Philip


Hello Angela and Philip, I have researched my archives for you but it will take me a while to write up all the details...In the meantime, here is a summary of my findings:

  • The land was originally owned by the Beach family
  • The land was rented by Mr. Whistler and Mr. Smith, for cultivation or grazing of animals
  • In 1897 the original large plot was divided to form the plot where Littlefold House now stands
  • Mr Whistler bought that plot in 1897
  • The house was built between 1897 and 1909
  • The name of the house was originally 'Impstone Cottage'
  • The location was known as 'Impstone Corner'
  • The house was re-named just 'Littlefold' not Littlefold House
  • It was probably built by Mr Henry John Whistler of Silchester, carpenter and builder
  • The plot was reduced in size (rear garden reduced by about 50%) to build Knollys Road and estate
  • The plot adjacent in Silchester Road remained just a field with no buildings right up to the 1970s
  • I have details of at least six of the occupiers, some of whom more is known than just their name
  • I have two photos of the view outside the house in the early 1900s but not of the house itself
I will write again, best wishes from Raymond

A detailed history of this house can be viewed by clicking/touching this link:

History of Littlefold House

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