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Emanuel and Martha Rivers (Monger)

Jul 12, 2013 To Raymond West: 'I borrowed the above book (Pamber Heath History) from Basingstoke Library recently and enjoyed reading it very much. My dad Mr Frederick Rivers was the son of Emanuel and Martha Rivers. My grandmother Martha's maiden name was Monger and she was raised in Pamber Heath...I've lived in Basingstoke all my life. Growing up I was not given much information about my dad's family. I have three photos in total, one of Emanuel as a member of The Salvation Army Band, one of the whole family as adults and one of Martha and Emmanuel taken in a hop field. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Sandy Farmer (Mrs).'

Aug 6, 2013 'Attached are the three photos I promised. The photo of the Salvation Army Band shows my Granddad Emanuel, when he was probably in his twenties. He is second from the left, holding a tuba. I don't know where the photo was taken and which Salvation Army Band they were. Maybe you might have some idea? (Go to the Photo Album to see that photo) The photo of Emanuel and Martha on their own may have been taken in a hop field. I'm not sure if that's right. Not sure of their ages either. I have a feeling that Emanuel became grey haired at an early age. He died in 1949, aged 75, about a week after my parents got married.' (Go to the Photo Album to see that photo)

'The family photo (above) shows Emanuel and Martha (in their sixties I think). The only person missing from the photo is John, who died in the flu epidemic of 1918. From left to right:- Herbert, Winifred (seated), Dorothy Lily, (always referred to as Lil), Daisy, Emanuel (seated), my dad Frederick, Monnie, Martha (seated), Mary, Maud (seated) and Frank (Francis). My dad was about 14 years old in the photo and I think Martha was 45 when she gave birth to him. I was 14 when Martha died aged 91 years of age in 1966...Sandy'

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