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Mystery of the Salts Aerated Water Company

Dec 16, 2015 From Les Hawkins: 'Hello Raymond, I wonder if you can help please with a question on Silchester? I  have a friend who has a mineral water glass bottle we would like to know more about. It is Salts Aerated Water Company Silchester. Do you or anyone know anything about this company. I am guessing period late 1800s or very early 1900s. I have tried several Google search variations and cannot find anything. Thank You, Les'

Hello Les, I know nothing about any aerated water company at Silchester. There is no trace on the British Newspaper Archive and if it existed I would expect a mention somewhere there. Are you sure about the name? Is it difficult to read? I think it is unlikely that there was an aerated water producer in the small village of Silchester. Best wishes from Raymond

'Hello Raymond, I found it hard to believe also but I have attached a photo I took of it and it clearly states Silchester. I have checked my Bartholomew's Gazetteer and there is only one Silchester listed in the whole of the UK so it must be your adjoining Silchester. To produce their own bottles suggest it might not have been a five minute wonder either. This is the only known bottle found - so far. Can you dig (excuse the pun) a bit more please as I would really like to know where it was situated. Thanks, Les'

I (Raymond West) have not found anything further as yet but may do so in the future.

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