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Share your comments, memories and pictures of Pamber Heath or simply ask a local history question. I will do my best to answer you quickly. Click/touch to E-mail me and attach a picture if you have one. E-mail address will be published unless you ask me not to.


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Jul 30, 2006 Hi, I am attaching photos of some members of my family, who lived in Pamber Heath in the 19th and 20th Century, including myself, until I was 11. I then moved to READING, later returned to live in WOOLHAMPTON, before moving to live near ABERGAVENNY, South Wales, and now New Zealand. I am interested in finding out more about my family, who were the WARDS of Pamber Heath, and WEBB's of Tadley. Horace and Blanch Ward were my grandparents (on mum's side), and my mum was Audrey Ward, who married Charles Webb of Tadley. Sorry I do not have many photo's and the quality is not great. This is a picture of mum and dad's wedding (with BLANCH and an uncle).

This is mum with me as a baby (taken outside the family house in Clapps Gate Rd).







Dad, washing up after a picnic in the New Forest.







Me and my younger brother (Peter) as kids.







My Uncle Stan Ward, on HMS Howe.







If you are interested in any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Barry Webb

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