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May 17, 2006 Can you inform me of the history around the Pelican, and road? The Parish Council have been asked to consider names for the new development of Pelican Road. The developers have suggested Kingfisher road or close. We could call it Penbere Close after the old name. But some clues about the Pelican might send me into a different direction. Regards,

THE PELICAN INN The Pelican Inn (old name for the Pelican pub) came into existence sometime between 1839 and 1872 (Update: as at December, 2017 it is now known that the Pelican Inn was first licensed about 1860). The first record of the Pelican Inn was in 1872 when it was named and located on the Ordnance Survey map of Pamber Heath (Update: as at December, 2017 it is now known that the Pelican Inn was first recorded in newspapers in 1863 when the licence was transferred from James Boman to James Moore).  It is believed to have been a drinking establishment in 1871 but the Census at the time did not name it - only that there was a publican resident in the village by the name of George Bartlett (Update: as at December, 2017 it is now known that George Bartlett was one of many landlords of the Pelican Inn). It could even have been in existence earlier since in 1861 there was a publican resident in the village named James Boman (Update: as at December, 2017 it is now known that James Boman seems to have been the first landlord, at least since 1861). I have found no records as to why it was named the Pelican Inn.

PELICAN ROAD The whole of that area was just a plantation in 1896, known as `Impstone Plantation'. It was part of the area administered by the Bradfield Union and part of Berkshire. Before the Second World War the area was a pine woodland. The land was sold in 1939 and many villagers bought plots. They were not allowed to build on their land for many years. The area began to be extensively developed in the early 1950s (Update, December, 2017 - should have said 1960s - only minor development before) but a large area in the centre opposite the pub was still undeveloped in 1955 and purchased by the publican of the Pelican Harry Cottrell in conjunction with Tom Stacey of Tadley who bought an adjoining strip. It was cleared for use as a cricket pitch. Eventually, after complaints of balls landing in gardens, the land was given up and more housing followed - believed to be around 1964. In 1991, the Pelican Road area was included into the village boundary.

Apr 26, 2006 Hello. Re: The Lipscombe family of Tadley/Pamber. Robert Erry Lipscombe was my father. He also worked in Tadley for YEARS, otherwise known as Lofty. My great grandfather was Alfred Lipscombe, Carrier in Tadley. They lived in "Back Lane", Tadley. I have several photographs that might be of interest to you. This one was taken around 1900 unless you know differently? It is of the Lipscombe family of Back Lane, Tadley. I believe that the people featured are l to r  Alfred, his wife Hannah, daughter Gertrude May and his father John Lipscombe. Someone must have gone around with a camera to take the photos at home.
I do have a 1919 postcard posted to Mrs Lipscombe Tadley. No further address was added. Isn't that amazing. I suppose Tadley was a lot smaller then and everyone was known by the postman. My father used to work for a man called West in Tadley? I cannot recall his name. I will ask my mother. Kelmscot seems to come to mind? A building firm I know. Shan Mills

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