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The book is now only available online on this web site either using PayPal or a credit or debit card. The online payment system is kindly provided by PayPal. You can make your selection on the right, depending on where delivery is required in the world. If you want to buy more than one copy, there will be an option for this once you select a suitable button on the right and the PayPal window opens. Local collection from Pamber Heath is still available but you must now pre-pay online on this web site and then make an appointment for the collection. I will contact you to give you my address and to arrange a suitable appointment. The book(s) will be placed by my front door which will be easy to reach from outside and I will stand well back with a mask on once I have opened the door. Owing to the high cost of low print runs, it had not been possible to make the book available in local shops for many years as when first published in late 2001. However, it was finally made available again at Pamber Heath Stores in Silchester Road between November 2006 and December 2016 and again from mid August, 2017 to the end of December 2019 but at a higher price, set by the storekeeper - last price being £17.99. However, the book will no longer be available there and no plans for making it available again there in the future.

 UK - Price £15.00 plus £5.00 post and packing per book. Total £20.00 each.


 Europe - Price £15.00 plus £7.00 post and packing per book. Total £22.00 each.


 Rest of the world - Price £15.00 plus £12.00 post and packing per book. Total £27.00 each.

Local collection from Pamber Heath - Price £15.00 per book. No cash at the door - you must pre-pay here. I will then contact you to give my address and suggest time slots for collection.


ABOUT THIS BOOK (ISBN 0-9541442-0-1)

Packed with 300 photographs as well as extracts from old maps, diary entries, memories and interesting facts, this book will evoke fond memories of times gone by of a village when everyone knew everyone else by their first names.

The book includes several photos of Tadley schoolchildren with lots of names. (Pamber Heath children had to attend Tadley School or Silchester School except between 1881 and 1909 when they could attend Pamber Heath School).

This is a book to treasure, possibly to pass on to younger family members, as it provides a lasting record of the people, places and events of Pamber Heath since its first settlement around 200 years ago. The format is 150 pages, A4 size.

750 copies were printed for the first edition and went on sale in late October 2001 at £9.50. It sold so well that within three months all were gone.

100 more copies were printed and sold gradually throughout 2002, the last two being sold in February 2003.

50 more copies were printed in early October 2003 in response to many requests. The last two copies were sold at the end of July 2004.

50 more copies were printed in mid November 2004 after many requests but sold out yet again in early May 2005. The price had been increased to £12.50.

100 more copies were printed at the beginning of November 2006, following receipt of about 44 orders. Only a few copies were left by early January 2009. The price was kept at £12.50.

100 more copies were printed in mid January 2009. The price remained at £12.50. As at the end of August, 2017, only a few copies were left to be sold.

50 more copies were printed in mid August, 2017 but owing to the high cost of an even lower print run than usual, unfortunately the price had to be increased to £15 in May, 2019 after the last copy from the previous print run was sold.

The packaged book is heavy (about 700g) and therefore costly to post. Over 1200 copies have now been sold. I am amazed that this book has been so popular and still in demand after nearly 20 years. Thanks to all who have bought a copy and for the many kind appreciative comments.