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Share your comments, memories and pictures of Pamber Heath or simply ask a local history question. I will do my best to answer you quickly. Click/touch to E-mail me and attach a picture if you have one. E-mail address will be published unless you ask me not to.


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Apr 2, 2003 I was told that Pamber Heath was bombed during the Second World War. Was anybody killed and where did the bombs fall?

Answer: Yes, two villagers were killed - Rose Long and Winifred Long. Three bombs fell in all (in a line) late on Monday morning of the 16th of September, 1940. One fell harmlessly in the pine trees in the eastern end of Silchester Road (north side), the second in Clapps Gate Road by Brown's Cottage, killing Winifred Long in her washhouse nearby, and the third in The Glen demolishing the small bungalow and shop of Andrew Broadhurst (pictured right) - killing shop assistant Rose Long. Many others were hurt and several buildings damaged.

Mar 17, 2003 Hi Raymond. Enjoyed looking at the web site today, I have found several family members, my great grandmother was Mary Monger who married Harvey West  1908. It is so nice to see that I have such a large family and that someone else is interested  in researching them, Have been in contact with Mark Monger, who I know I am related to (distantly), he suggested this site. It is a shame about you're book being sold out, do you know if the library have a copy?. (Yes, they do) Again a really good site. Regards, Maria Suggers

Feb 19, 2002 Dear Raymond, I thought you might like to know that the copy of 'Pamber Heath History' arrived yesterday and was received with much pleasure and many thanks. I spent biggest part of the day studying it, though without reading it thoroughly, of course. From the text, village photos, and postman Robert Brown's hand-drawn plan of Pamber I now believe that my Rivers great-grandparents home, Rose Cottage, must have been situated in Church Road. Way back in 1968, my husband and I paid a brief visit to Pamber Heath and, after enquiries were directed to the home of an elderly lady, Mrs. Clark, who had lived in the village all her life, and remembered the Rivers family well, also the cottage which, she said had stood further along the road but no longer existed. Mrs. Clark also confirmed my father's recollection of a communal bake house at the top of the road where his mother used to bake the family bread along with the other village wives. This too, is referred to in your book, along with other passages relating to those distant times. However, I will not bore you with further reminiscences. Suffice it to say that 'Pamber Family History' is, and will continue to be of much interest to me in connection with my family research. Congratulations on an excellent production and thank you again. Yours sincerely, Enid Cole.

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