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Sep 9, 2009 Dearest Raymond,

Some information and a little story for you.

Pamber Heath Fete & Produce Show 5th September 2009

Saturday morning woke up feeling a little tired after a long week at work, but very excited as went down to our allotment on West Street and picked and chose some flowers and vegetables to enter into the show for the very first time. All was ready except I hadn't picked the cooking apples or the pears, incidentally the old apple tree in my back garden of The Hidden Cottage must be the oldest in the village ? as Mrs Bailey had told me it was large enough for her to climb when she was a little girl. I miss her, she would have been so proud from the early days of her giving me the marrow plant to grow when we moved into the house. Anyway we went to the show. The previous day Mary Middleton had let me into her kitchen and showed me her famous cake making techniques and showed me how to make scrumptious muffins, in return I was to help make cups of tea with Mary and Ada and Pam. Back to the apples, well I was so excited when the time came they came second place and so did my pears. I was even more excited to see that my specimen rose came first.

Rose in Raymond West's garden - June 2009(I don't have a photo of Jacqueline's winning Rose so here is one of a Rose in my own (Raymond West's) garden in June, 2009). I had asked Mrs Bailey what I should plant down the side of the fence when we moved into The Hidden Cottage and she said something pretty so that she could see them as she went to get her pension. So those bright red roses you can see as you walk to the Pamber Heath Post Office down the side of Stroud Close are award winners. The culmination of the day after making at least 500 cups of tea ( and washing up ) was a hug from Dennis Butler who gave me a cuddle and said congratulations, what great sportsmanship, he also said the next time it said four vegetables I should put four different vegetables in my entry Oops !  (apparently it gave the judge a good chuckle) when we put four potatoes in. He also said that I should not peel the skin off the onions, have you ever tried to tie onions with raffia it is very difficult so I might just join the gardening club at the Pamber Heath Memorial Hall so that I can learn a few more tricks from that Mr Butler before next year.

Kindest regards, Jacqueline Clarke

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