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Share your comments, memories and pictures of Pamber Heath or simply ask a local history question. I will do my best to answer you quickly. Click/touch to E-mail me and attach a picture if you have one. E-mail address will be published unless you ask me not to.


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Jun 25, 2007 Hi Raymond, thank you ever so much for the information and photos you sent recently, I really appreciate it. I don't know if it is of any interest to you, but I have attached a picture for you to this email. In your book and website you mention about Rose and Winifred Long who were killed by the bomb in 1940. Attached is a picture of Winifred Long, I am not too sure what the names are of the other people in the photo, except to say that in the middle is Winfred's husband and on the right is her brother.

Kind regards,

Winifred Long, Husband Frederick Long, Winnie's brother

Jul 20, 2007

The Hidden Cottage, 22 Pamber Heath Road - History for your records

Jacqueline and Terry Clarke with their three sons bought 22 Pamber Heath Road in 1996 when the house was originally named The Dog House. Jacqueline did not want her man living in The Dog House so persuaded Basingstoke and Deane to change the name of the property to The Hidden Cottage which they agreed. Jacqueline has the originally letter framed in her home on the hallway wall.

They named the house because it was originally an old Hampshire T shaped cottage that had been extended since it was originally built in 1810. The original chimney pot is still in the attic of the extended home which Jacqueline and Terry insisted remained. The living room and utility room still have many of the original quarry tiles on the floor The old apple tree in the garden of the house was there when Mrs Bailey, Jacqueline's neighbour at Shirley Cottage used to climb as well as Mrs Baileys son Alan. Mrs Bailey welcomed Jacqueline and Terry to there home by providing them with a marrow plant for them to grow. The very first vegetable they had ever grown. Jacqueline was the emergency contact for Mrs Bailey in her later years when Mrs Bailey had an emergency system that was installed and was contacted if there were any problems. She is saddened by the demolishment of Shirley Cottage but says that Mrs Bailey told her it was her wish that no one lived in the cottage after her. Hope this is of interest, Jacqueline Clarke

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