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Memories and Pictures - Subject Index

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Subject Index - Alphabetical Order

BAILEY, EVELYN & HARRY - About the couple with a photo of them together.

BARNES, MIKE - Thanks about my book.

BOMBING OF PAMBER HEATH - story with photo of demolished building in The Glen - home and shop of Andrew Broadhurst.

BOWMAN, STAN - Veronica Rodgers requests information about Stan's relations.

GOSPEL HALL - Location and history of the Gospel Hall in Burney Bit with photo.

HOUSE IDENTITY - Les Hawkins wants the location of the house seen in a photo.

IMPSTONE - Mollie Cleary asks about the location of the Impstone in Pamber Heath after a visit to the area with her elderly cousin.

KIMBER FAMILY Dawn Holmes with a couple of Kimber family photographs. She names some people and asks if anyone can name the others.

LIPSCOMBE FAMILY - Shan Mills talks about her family history, includes photo.

LIVING CONDITIONS OF LABOURERS - Response to request for information.

LONG FAMILY - Thanks for information from Jamie Hunter, California, U.S.A.

LONG, WINIFRED - Photo of Winifred Long, husband and brother. Winifred died in the bombing of Pamber Heath in 1940.

MARTIN FAMILY - Thanks for my book and about Beryl Martin with photo.

MEMORIES - Julian Porter talks about three of his school friends of the 1960s.

MEMORIES - Judith Cottrell talks about her school friends of the 1960s and remembers the horses from Cherry Tree Farm and much more.

MEMORIES - David James talks about his family and recalls various people.

MEMORIES - Peter Hicks remembers his childhood holidays in Pamber Heath at `Lone Pine'. Includes photo of Stan James.

MONGER FAMILY - Maria Suggers talks about her family tree research.

MONGER FAMILY - Norman Cooper talks about his ancestors, includes wedding photos of Mabel Monger and Harry Cooper.

PELICAN INN & ROAD - History of the pub and Pelican Road area.

POND - Mollie Cleary asks about the location of the pond that existed in Pamber Heath after a visit to the area with her elderly cousin.

PRODUCE SHOW, 2009 - Jacqueline Clarke talks about amusing events of the day, her prize-winning Roses and about her garden.

RIVERS FAMILY - Enid Cole talks about her Rivers family research.

SILCHESTER TEMPERANCE BAND - Request for information.

SMITH, JAMES - Susan Smith talks about her father and grandfather, includes a photo of her grandfather with two of his grandchildren.

THE HIDDEN COTTAGE - Jacqueline Clarke talks about the history of this cottage at 22 Pamber Heath Road.

WARD/WEBB FAMILY - Barry Webb talks about his family. Includes many photos.

WELLS FAMILY - Request for information by Marilyn Wilson, Canada.

WEST FAMILY - David Rose requests information about his family tree.